"Theme And Variations": 
         The Music of Ken Gehret
       en        ehret 
        Has been performing as a musician for more than
        Thirty years primarily, as a guitarist/violinist, in various 
        Musical  scenarios. 
        Ken performs, teaches, composes and arranges, 
        For over 17 instruments including: voice, woodwind, reed, string 
        And keyboards but, his main instruments are guitar and violin. 
        His musical experiences stem from a primarily country music        
        Background, performing with well known stars ( at the age of 18)  
        Including Roy Clark and Mell Tellis. 
        While performing live, with Jim and Jesse and the Virginia Boys, 
        shows, were televised from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, 
      Tennessee .   Mr Gehret's musical abilities are wide and varied. 
      His talents, reflect  years of true dedication.  He is truly, a natural born    
       musician.  When not  performing, Ken has a full teaching schedule.
       He is the designer/inventor of the 10 string guitar. (Tuning, etc.)
       Ken's philosophy is: "Some people play golf. Some play bridge. 
       Others, jump from cliffs using bungee cords. I, like to play music.  
       Music, is what I  do and love.  I love getting together with my musical 
       Friends to create interesting and  wonderful sounds. 
       I believe music is the most honest and immediate form of       
       Communication available to human beings."
       Top 3 musical influences:(out of many!)
       Johann Sebastian Bach ,  Niccolò Paganini ,  John Coltrane
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 Bands I  Perform  In
    Rue de la Pompe 
Bruce Campbell - Acoustic Bass
David Francis - Rhythm Guitar
Ken Gehret - Lead Guitar,                             Violin & Accordion
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From left to right  -  Bruce Campbell, Ken Gehret, David Francis