Day Jam Camp
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               Day Jam Camp
Ken Gehret also, directs a large group of
dedicated students ranging from 5 to 80 yrs
old, deemed the: "Day Jam Camp."

The "Day Jam Camp" was initiated to
nurture talent in students interested in
pursuing "group playing."

Ken works with students on mass and
individually, to help them hone their playing
skills to a keen edge.
Instruction includes: technique, expression,
ear training, phrasing, etc.

The group blends together,
instrumental/vocal skills which smack the
true meaning of: "music is my life."
Wanda Swarr, (also, Ken's student)
coordinates the camp's applicants and
processes student's information. She plays
an intregal part in organizing the jam camp.
Each student leaves with a newly found
appreciation of what
it is like to create music with others.


For more information contact  Wanda Swarr (just click on name)
or  e-mail -
Phone - 717-445-9471
Jam Camp photographs courtesy of Patricia Kline
       By Patricia Kline
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