Henry Koretzky
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Alan Chelius -- {Guitars/Gadgets/Vocals/Misc. Perc.}
Alan, our guitarist, has been playing guitar for many years. We look to him for really cool chords, melodies and strong rhythm guitar support. He has played Rock, Jazz, Classical, Country guitar and is now  into Celtic music. We are all glad of that, as he does it well. Alan has all sorts of musical gadgets he brings with him to the performances. (flashing lights, LED readouts, many sampled sounds, etc.) Because of that, we’ve deemed him; “Cel-tech".
                                                     Ken Gehret-{Vocals/Fiddle/Guitars/Cittern/IrishFlute/Whistles/Melodica/
                                                                 Plucked Psaltery/”Foot-Stomper”/”Bad Joke” Whistle}

                                A professional musician for more than 40 years, Ken has delved into many divers musical situations.
                                He has worked out of the “Nashville music scene” in the early part of his career, touring with various 
                                recording artists. Throughout Ken’s musical life, Celtic music has always intrigued him, which is why 
                                “Irish Mist” was formed. Ken, is the creator/director of “Irish Mist.” He is also, a “multi-instrument-alist” and                                                     performs on several instruments in the band. Ken, describes himself (in “the large musical scheme of things”) 
                                 as, “A kid in a candy store.”    
                          “Ken Gehret and Irish Mist”    (Band-Description/History) Celtic Music (and Beyond): 

    Irish Mist, a group of musicians who perform Celtic music regularly,at various venues, was officially formed in 2003. Those venues include: Irish Pubs, Concerts, Celtic festivals, Sacred performances, Weddings, Christmas and Holiday celebrations (including, of course, “St. Patrick’s Day”). Also, a  large portion of private and corporate functions. The band, has been received extremely well in all of the above musical situations and is continuing successful performances, while maturing over the years as a well-rehearsed musical unit. The concept of “Irish Mist” actually, goes back to the year 1995. Ken, who for many years, had been playing Celtic music, (however, opportunities to perform that music were fairly slim) received a phone call from Al Seifarth. (Al and Ken had been playing Jazz gigs, etc. together, on a regular basis, at that time.) Al, informed Ken that he was talking to a pub owner who expressed an interest in having Celtic music at his establishment. Al & Ken both, decided to “give it a go!” They played that gig as a duo every St. Patrick’s Day for several years. In the mean time, Ken’s good friends Fran and Alan Chelius were playing Celtic music on their own, more/less as a hobby. Ken then, decided to expand the sound and scope of the band by asking Fran and Alan to join in and play a gig together, making it a “full Celtic band.” That idea worked very well and thus, “Irish Mist” was born. “Irish Mist,” for the past several years, has performed as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet 
however, has recently settled on configuring the group as a three piece ensemble. The “trio” setting is a cohesive blend of musical intimacy while, still having the ability to set up in “fairly small spaces,” (if need be) presenting, their brand of a “large Celtic sound.”  
 Irish Mist, is based in the Reading, PA area and performs both locally and in the greater Eastern/Central PA and Tri-State regions. They play, for the most part, a full “spectrum” of Celtic music. By their own description, the phrase; “Celtic music and beyond” best represents the style, energy, personality and direction of the band.  
The variety of music would include:
                a.) “Traditional” (Rebel songs, pub songs, jigs, reels, airs etc.)
                b.) “Modern” (Contemporary Celtic music. Celtic adaptations of pop/rock songs.)
                c.) “Original” (Original musical compositions/arrangements.)
                d.) “Favorites” (“crowd-pleasing” songs-for special occasions/holidays, such as:
                St. Patrick’s Day/Christmas, etc., replete with sing-along sheets for audience.
                                                                                                Irish Mist, 
                                                                   Specializing in traditional, as well as modern Celtic music.                                                                                                             A " labor of love" for all of us. All of the music we do, whether original or
                                       traditional, is exclusively, our own arrangement. In the past two years, Irish Mist has been proud
                                                   to present our brand of Celtic music to audiences in the greater Philadelphia area.
Ken Gehret
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Photo By Annette  Sowers
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For a full and rewarding Celtic music experience, you can bet your shillelagh,“Irish Mist” will deliver the goods. And, that’s no blarney!  
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Eric Zimmerman
Alan Chelius
L.J. Palmer
Mike Henry
Eric Zimmerman -- Eric started playing violin at age 11 and was classically trained for 4 years before he discovered fiddle music. He became interested in Irish music and attended Irish jams,
since then. Now, in his mid-twenties, his current repertoire of music is greatly influenced
by the Irish jams he attends. Part of his experience on the fiddle also, includes playing for
a Bluegrass Gospel band for about 2 years. Eric also, took the opportunity to play at a few weddings, hoedowns and the Kutztown Folk Festival. As for now, he works on the
farm with his dad and teaches violin lessons to beginner students and volunteers at a private school.
L.J. Palmer -- (Bodhran/Cajon/Drums/Miscel. Perc.)  
L.J. is a natural time keeper. Having performed with many area players, he has enjoyed a musical life. As a consummate Jazz enthusiast, he has adapted his skills to a variety of genre including Irish music. L.J. performs occasionally with Irish Mist and is a “regular participating jammer” at various Irish sessions.

Mike Henry  -- is a veteran of the Pennsylvania folk music scene for over 35 years.  With his guitar/vocals and collection of songs that would rival the Library of Congress, Mike performs as a solo act and with Lancaster, Pa. based traditional Bluegrass band, 'Mighty Fine'.  Mike also performs with Reading based multi-instrumentalist, Ken Gehret.

Mike's performing credits include; sharing the stage with nationally known Country Music acts, Vince Gill and the late John Hartford.  Mike hosted a special broadcast radio concert (WITF in Pittsburgh, Pa.) honoring the music of Woody Guthrie.

Mike wrote produced and performed (with Ken Gehret and Jeanne Saulnier) an elementary school assembly program 'My Country 'Tis of Thee'; American History Through Story  and Song.  This program has been presented in nearly fifty schools representing twenty-five school districts in Central and Eastern Pa.

Mike is the father of two grown girls, Sarah and Megan.  Mike lives in Lancaster, Pa. with his wife of 35 Years, Cindy.

Henry Koretzky -- a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, plays mandolin, guitar, mandocello, and hammered dulcimer in a variety of styles including bluegrass, klezmer, swing, celtic, old-time country, and other folk styles.  The vocalist/musician has recorded two CDs with the bluegrass band Sweetwater Reunion, and played festivals across America with the Ithaca-based bluegrass group Cornerstone.  He’s currently performing with the Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble and the southern-style contradance band The Contra Rebels, as well as with the Arizona-based celtic singer Jamie O’Brien.  Henry is also a writer/reviewer for Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.

Steve --  Bio - forthcoming