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                - Traditional, as well as modern Celtic music
Program Options: a.)   Assembly (Musical Performance-Ensemble)
                           b.)  Clinic (Workshop/Educational Discussion/Instruction)
                           c.)   Assembly/Clinic (Combining both of the above) 

Our “Music IThe Schools” presentations of the past two years, (2008-09) have focused largely, on “World” music and/or the overwhelming influences, the music 
of various cultures have had on American music including: Jazz, Classical, and several forms of “pop” music. 
America, being the “melting pot” of the world in so many ways, has garnered a myriad of cultural influences as, people have migrated to this country, over a multitude of years.

This 2010 season’s program, will exhibit America’s true “folk/classical music,” better known as “Jazz.” American Jazz is now, an integral part of the world music scene and considered a universal standard, in musical communication and ex-pression.

The “Music in the Schools Ensemble” will demonstrate some of the various instruments used in playing jazz and encapsulate the many facets, styles, composers/arrangers and importent periods of  this musical art form, giving the students a fairly complete overview of jazz in America, to date.

Thematically, the emphasis will be on creative expression such as: improvisation,
interpretation, variation and virtuosity.
Once again, audience participation will be a part of every performance including: 
singing, (scatting) clapping, and having a small portion of students coming up on stage and performing with us with an instrument or playing percussion instruments provided by our ensemble.

We also, encourage a brief “Q & A” session at some point in the show so that the students and musicians can “connect” on a certain inter-active level.

We are certainly, looking forward once again, to be able to present our
 “Music In The Schools Ensemble” to the many schools and organizations in this south-eastern region of Pennsylvania.

We are anticipating a wonderfully entertaining and highly educational 2010 season, proudly presenting: “World” music.”
                                                                                                        Ken Gehret 
    Band Member's Biography

Chris Heslop- Baritone/Tenor Saxes, Piano,(Composer/Arranger)

Keith Mohler- Acoustic/Upright Bass and Electric Bass

Andy Roberts- Piano (Composer/Arranger)

Hector Rosado- Latin Percussion 

Dave Santana- Drums

Al Seifarth- Flute
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Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base: 2010
"Music In The Schools Ensemble"
Reading Music Foundation News Of Note 2010
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Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base: 2011
 Music In The Schools Ensemble
 "If you want to see the future of 
Of Jazz make sure to come out"!
 The Jazz Base
 [Crown Plaza Hotel]
 1741 Papermill Road
 Wyomissing, PA  19610 
        April 21,  7 - 9:30Pm