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Bluegrass Music
Dick Trump 
Guitarist / Vocalist, being the elder member of the band, is known in Bluegrass music circles in the tri - state area as, ( our very own ) "Father of Bluegrass." It is not that he is old, but, it is that Dick has done so much and has played with so many musicians in the past fifty years, (some famous, some not) in the Bluegrass community, he has become sort of a Bluegrass father figure. No one has ever counted (Dick included, I'm sure.) the vast amount of songs he knows but, it must be in the thousands. Dick is virtually, a "walking encyclopedia" of Bluegrass songs.

Leroy Mumma - 
Fiddler, is this area's premier "Fiddlin Man!" He has worked with many local groups and has been a favorite "first call" for hoedowns and square dances in the Pennsylvania / Maryland region. Leroy has also, played with some famous names in the Bluegrass business such as: Rose Maddox, The Bailes Bros, Bob Paisley, The Spirits of Bluegrass and can be seen "hoisting a cold one" in a Budweiser beer commercial. He is the "quite one" in the group but, Leroy lets his fiddle do the talking'.

Bruce Campbell - 
Bassist, or shall we say: "Bassist-Extraordinaire?" Bruce has played every style of music and experienced every conceivable musical situation imaginable. Not only, is he known in the Bluegrass music circles but,is one of the most sought after Jazz bass players in the vicinity. Bruce has played with many local jazz artists as well as Bluegrass performers. Mr. Cambell really "lays down the beat" for NYFBB. He is the "heartbeat" of the band.

Kellen Wenrich - 
Mandolinist / Fiddler, being the youngest member of the band, has mastered a number of musical instruments within the last few years. Although, he has only recently squired a driver's license, his musical proficiency and maturity are well beyond his tender chronological years. Kellen too, performs in creative and challenging situations such as solo concerts and free-lance gigs with other groups of various musical genre. He also, heads up his own group,"Share The Bread" promoting largely, original music and performing at coffee houses, etc... keep your eye on this young man for some great musical achievements in the up - coming years.

Ken Gehret - 
5- string Banjoist / Vocalist and leader of NYFBB, resides in West Lawn, PA and makes his living as a full-time musician. Ken plays many instruments and is at home with all styles of music. He became immersed in music at the age of four. Cites Ken, "Music, grabbed my arm and said: Come with me!"  Ken has performed with many local artists as well some famous ones including, such Bluegrass greats as, Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys. When it comes to putting a label on exactly what Ken is all about musically, this phrase comes to mind:'..... just a kid in a candy store."

Is a Bluegrass band born out of the, admiration, and deep friendships between five musicians who have been performing together in various musical situations since the 1960s. (With the exception of our Mandolinist / Fiddler,Kellen,who was not yet born,at that time.) The band features each member, doing what he does best, playing and singing the music he loves dearly, namely, Bluegrass music. Sounding like no other band, this group has it's own voice and does not copy any other band although, their roots lie in traditional as well as modern Bluegrass. Each member of the group is a seasoned player and over the years, has molded and shaped the sound of the band, individually and collectively. To sum it up," Not Your Father's Bluegrass Band" is simply, "A Labor Of Love."
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